How To Naturally Avoid The Danger Of Infectious Diseases And Harmful Effects Of Vaccines

Concerns about the security of our current vaccination seems to grow every day, how educated health experts emphasize that vaccines contain toxins such as mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde.

Especially for our children, these toxins can easily overwhelm the body and cause irreversible damage.

One disturbing example is FLUAD flu vaccine, which was recently released Novartis, containing squalene – for which many suspect that the substance that caused the Gulf War Syndrome. In addition, one should not forget that the recent independent laboratory research confirmed that many of the usual vaccines are contaminated with glyphosate – toxic herbicide which is located in Roundup-in/

Discover a safe and effective way to reduce the toxic effects of the vaccine on you and your family. Obviously, the best way to avoid damaging toxins is to avoid exposure. But it is not always possible – depending on the situation. Jonathan Lendsmen and Tomas Levi spoke about effective ways to reduce the damage risk from vaccines. This is what is rarely discussed in public and never published on mainstream media.

The optimum antidote to all the toxins and oxidative stress, including those in vaccines

Dr. Levi says that the right dose of vitamin C can safely and effectively eliminate the risk of all viruses – as well as toxins from overdose, and even after the snake bite venom. According to Dr. Levi, large doses of vitamin C are able to destroy the pathogens that cause measles, mumps, viral encephalitis, herpes, mononucleosis, viral pneumonia, measles, Ebola and influenza.

Treatment with high doses of vitamin C is particularly useful when given along with vaccines because the injections are toxic and cause a significant challenge to oxidative stress – especially in babies, in which the brain and nervous system are particularly sensitive to new toxins.

Keep in mind that vaccination is toxic solution and must be immediately neutralized, and can lead to serious neurological damage – including autism. Vitamin C does not only block the adverse side effects of the vaccine, but also increases the immune response of the organism.

Warning about vaccines: Conventional trained doctors refuse to see the obvious truth

This is why vitamin C is not routinely given along with vaccines and is a source of frustration and confusion of many proponents of vitamins C and integrative health care providers – omission which Dr. Levi lead to extreme resistance to Western medicine to accept treatments that question the wisdom of conventional medicine.

In fact, Dr. Levi says: “Many doctors will not even consider reading something that comes from sources that are not considered worthy to produce new medical concepts.”

A case of this astonishing powers of vitamin C is not supported by clinical studies that have been carried out incorrectly. The most common problem is that the researchers – to control or by design – manage routine doses that are too small to provide therapeutic benefits.

It is time for the truth: If your family doctor or pediatrician does not agree with the protocol to the vaccine that provides both vitamin C, Dr. Levi advised to find another doctor.


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