You Only Need 1 Ingredient to Treat Droopy Eyelids, Sagging Eyelids or Hooded Eyes

Droopy eyelids can occur due to aging, but the truth is that many different factors have influence on their occurrence. This natural remedy will help you fix drooping eyelids in no time.

Over time lowered eyelids may be more noticeable. But don’t worry if you have this problem, as there is a completely  natural method that you can use to prevent this.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 egg white
  • 1 cotton ball


Well wash your eyes and remove any make-up. Dry your face with towel.

Soak the cotton ball in the egg white, and apply gently on your eyelids. Make sure that your eyes are well closed.

Let the egg white completely dry. Rinse with water.

You will notice amazing results right away, as the egg white has the capacity to tighten the skin.

Hydration is the best natural solution to drooping eyelids.

Drink enough fluids during the day, because if you are not hydrated, your skin will become susceptible to fast aging.

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