Never Reheat these Foods, They can Poison your Family and Even Cause Cancer!!

Never reheat these foods, they can poison your family and even cause cancer!!

By reheating some foods you are pulling the poison out of them. They become toxic and in some cases can cause cancer.

Here is a list of foods that should be immediately eaten, right after preparing them, or if you decide to leave them for later, eat them cold.

Eggs – They fall into a “risk from being toxic” group and you should never reheat them. It’s better to eat them cold.

Mushrooms – They should be eaten immediately after preparation, because of their complex protein content. Therefore prepare the right amount that should satisfy your hunger, and if you have some left, it’s best to trow them away.

Spinach – Just like some other leafy vegetables, spinach is rich in iron and nitrates. This nutrient if reheated, can be transformed into nitrites and other cancer causing ingredients. The same goes for celery.

Here are some other foods you should be aware of, and think twice before reheating them, as they can become toxic if reheated:

  • chicken meat
  • potatoes
  • beets
  • rice (white and brown)
  • turnips
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