New Report Makes Strong Case for Going Organic, Warns Public of Brain-Damaging Pesticides

Scientific research has backed up the obvious health benefits of going organic.

A new study has warned of the very real dangers of the brain-damaging side effects of many of the pesticides that are sprayed on our foods.

People are sometimes put off going organic due to the perceived cost and difficulty, but this new research is sure to change even the most hardy minds.

Going organic literally means you are protecting your brain from the harmful effects of the toxic pesticides that are sprayed on nearly of of the ‘regular’ foods you buy in the supermarket.

The Independent has published this article(June 2017) which make a very strong case in the name of health, towards going organic.

The report, commissioned by the European Parliament, highlights scientific evidence that shows how eating and organic diet, lower in pesticides, will help protect your brain from the dangerous ‘very high levels’ of pesticides currently found in most foods.

The report states how a staggering 13 million IQ points are lost every year just due to unwanted pesticide consumption, which in turn wipes out 125 billion Euros from the economy.

Pesticides such as Monsanto’s ‘Roundup’, which contains an ingredient glyphosate which is a ‘probable human carcinogen’ are readily sprayed on foods, with no warning at the point of sale.

The review is one of the first of its kind, looking at the effects of pesticides on humans and the planet in a way that has not been previously considered.

“…[V]ery few studies have been performed that directly investigate the effect of organic food on human health. … Furthermore, it is inherently difficult to separate organic food consumption from other associated lifestyle factors that may affect human health,”


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