How to Plant an Olive Tree in a Pot at Home

Do you know that you can plant an olive tree in a pot at your home?

Do you like to nibble olives as a snack, use them in salads and various other dishes? The purchase of canned olives may not be the best choice because they may contain various additives and preservatives. The second option is to plant an olive tree in a pot at home or your yard, depending on the climate where you live.

Italians have long cultivated fruit trees in pots, they keep them indoor in the winter months and outside when it’s sunny and warm.

Simply follow the steps to successfully grow olives in a pot. Planting in a pot is useful because the stem can be moved in the sun or shade, as needed. You can even plant more than one olive tree, if you have the space and want more fruits.

How plant an olive tree in a pot at your home?

You do not have a garden? Do not despair, you too can have lush olive tree planted in a pot. What you need is a sunny balcony, a good climate and, of course, time.

Obtain the appropriate seedlings and inform yourself about the olive type. Wild olives can be infertile or can be bitter in flavor. It is usually recommend to plant two stalks to increase the fertile potential.

When and how to plant it?

Spring is the best time for planting young seedlings that are very sensitive to frost. Therefore, when the temperature begins to fall below 50 °F / 10 °C, the olive tree must be placed indoors. In the warmer days you should certainly take it out in the sun.

Pick a place that is quite sunny with a bit of shade, some times during the day. You need a clay pot about two feet deep and wide. No need for applying pebbles on the bottom of the pot. Just pour enough soil to cover the bottom.

Remove the sapling from its original container and place it in the new. Fill with soil around it and make sure it is stable. Water it.

Nutrition of soil and irrigation: there is no special fertilizer or compost powder, it just requires the usual irrigation. Wait until next spring after the first signs of growth, then you can add a bit of fertilizer.

Keep the soil light moist, but be careful not to rotten the roots with a lot of water. Grown trees can withstand drought, but until the sapling is fully grown, irrigation and adequate light and moisture is needed.

Tree care: in the first four years it is recommended to remove all branches smaller than 3 feet. While others recommend to do pruning of the olive tree after the first flower start to blossom.

This process is very long and you need to be patient, as the first fruits will start to appear after five years.

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