A Powerful Home Remedy Against Earwax and Ear Infections

If you want to achieve better results in the treatment of ear infections and reduce the secretion of wax (cerumen), we recommend that you try this home remedy.

On the market are available drops for the wax removal and often contain isopropyl alcohol for washing and drying of the ear. On the other hand, this is an all-natural remedy prepared from alcohol for massage and white wine vinegar.

White wine vinegar is great to fight infections because of its antibiotic and antibacterial properties. When these two powerful ingredients unite, they are very effective against infections, drought ear, relieves pain and dissolve ear wax.

This medicine is only used for mild infections of the ear, and a moderate amount of wax or water in the ear. Consult a doctor if you are facing a serious problems.


As we have already mentioned, you need only two ingredients for the preparation of this drug: alcohol and white wine vinegar.

Fill half of a small bowl with white vinegar, and fill with alcohol. Lean your head to one side and pour 1 teaspoon in your ear. Do not move 1 minute and then sit upright so that the fluid drain from the ear.

Treatment should be repeated twice a day if you have problems with wax, water in the ear or ear infection.

Note: In case you do not feel improvement within three days, see your doctor! If the burst eardrum, it is necessary to drink a painkiller!

We highly recommend this home remedy because it is very useful, especially if you have problems with pain in the ear or ear infection.

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