Press This Point on Your Foot. The Reason Why? Amazing!

If you press this point on your foot, something amazing will happen to your body.

If you thought that sleep problems will never go away and you’ll have to use pills and other means, think again. Natural medicine is offering you the best solution.

Insomnia appears in various forms and affects people in different ways. Some people turn over in bed for hours to fall asleep and often crave to sleep easily without problems. However, those people were surprised to learn that a solution really exist, and it’s very simple.

All we need to do is put pressure on a certain point of the body and then sleep like a baby.

When you have trouble sleeping, there are three points that you need to concentrate on:

1. One of them is called “LV3” – acupuncture point, which can help with a wide range of physical illnesses, including  insomnia.

This point is located between the thumb and the second toe. You need to press this point for 5 seconds before you go to sleep.

2. Another point, important for treating insomnia is “P6.” Located on hand, about three fingers width above the wrist between the tendons. Press this point for 5 minutes and it will help you sleep easier.

3. The last point is called “K1. It is located on the inside of the foot, right in the middle. Press for 30 seconds, then release for about 5, and again press for 30 seconds.

Also, it is preferably to avoid caffeine, computer work, eating or watching TV in bed before bedtime.


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