Psychiatrists at Yale Warn: There Is Something Seriously Wrong with Trump

Among those who know mental instability best, experts say there are numerous warning signs when it comes to our current commander-in-chief.

Notes James Gilligan, psychiatrist and professor at NYU:

“I’ve worked with murderers and rapists. I can recognize dangerousness from a mile away. You don’t have to be an expert on dangerousness or spend fifty years studying it like I have in order to know how dangerous this man is.”

Gilligan made that statement about Donald Trump as part of  a psychiatric conference at Yale’s school of Medicine last week. He was only one of many to make such comments.

Dr. John Gartner, practicing psychiatrist and founding member of Duty to Warn, a group of several dozen mental health professionals who feel it’s their obligation to inform the public about the president’s mental state, says the warning signs have been there from the beginning:

“Worse than just being a liar or a narcissist, in addition he is paranoid, delusional and grandiose thinking, and he proved that to the country the first day he was president.”

Similarly, Dr. Bandy Lee, a clinical professor at Yale, note that Trump’s mental state is an issue many Americans are concerned about:

“As some prominent psychiatrists have noted, [Trump’s mental health] is the elephant in the room. I think the public is really starting to catch on and widely talk about this now.”


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