Put a Drop od Vinegar and Alcohol in your Ear and Hold for 60 Seconds, The Results will Delight you!

Cerumen, or ear resin is yellowish resinous substance secreted in the ear canals and is excreted cerumenal glands that are in the ear. Its role is to keep the ear safe from dirt, dust and bacteria.

But most people think that it is unnecessary and unhygienic, so regularly clean the ear.
Cotton sticks are commonly used for cleaning the ear of cerumen but you must know that they are not effective, however, they pushed the bacteria to the inner part of the ear.

In addition should also know that naturally removes excess wax, chewing or speech.Sometimes, it can lead to unpleasant ailments such as headaches, sinus problems, ear pain, hearing problems, and sometimes even vertigo.

Fortunately, Dr. David Hill has found a natural solution and claims that a mixture of vinegar and alcohol can help. It takes only a small amount.
Apply a few drops in the ear and leaned your head to one side for 60 seconds. Then return to the normal position and the wax will flow out of the ear.

This natural remedy will certainly help and ears will be cleansed and you will be saved from unbearable pain in the ear.

Source: http://www.finelivingadvice.com/put-a-drop-of-vinegar-and-alcohol-in-your-ear-and-hold-for-60-seconds-the-results-will-delight-you/

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