How To Safely Clean Your Ears Of Dirt Without Any Side Effects- Advice From Otorhinolaryngologist

It is thought that human ears are the body part that clean by themselves during chewing, sneezing, coughing, respectively, in each of these small and sudden movements, deposits of wax (cerumen) are eliminated.

But sometimes it happens, these sediments accumulated in the ear canal to be turned into “plugs” and then the ears are clogging.
In such cases it is necessary to make the procedure – washing ears. It’s best to visit a doctor, but also following procedure can help you, and you can finish the job at home.

The simplest and most accessible means for flushing the ear and removing the caps is a solution of hydrogen peroxide, or commonly known as hydrogen.

It is recommended to apply immediately when you feel uncomfortable plugged ears.

What you needed is:

With pipette dispense 4-5 drops of 3% hydrogen in ear.

You have to tilt your head, or even better if you lie down and stay in this position for about 5 minutes. You will feel the characteristic hissing sound in the ear, meaning that there was a reaction and “plug” began to soften.

Usually, hydrogen greatly overcomes the problem of deposits in the ears.

If after the first time you have not felt significant relief, repeat the procedure again after a few hours. The same procedure can be repeated the next day.


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