Scientists Discover Marijuana Helps Heal Broken Bones, & Even Makes Them Stronger

CBD is a cannabinoid found in marijuana which is known for its incredible healing potential. Among the many health benefits it offers, a recent study also confirmed that CBD oil can treat broken bones and strengthen them as well without any adverse side-effect.

The study was done at the Tel Aviv University and found out that the compound can mature the collagenous matrix in the bones, allowing proper remineralization and strengthening the bone. “This could be the base for a cure that makes our bones harder and tougher to break in the future,” Yankel Gabet, one of the scientists involved in the study said.

Our bones have cannabinoid receptors

The team made minor femoral fractures in rats and treated them with CBD, while comparing the results between the control group and the other group. The mice injected with CBD had the same positive results no matter if the compound was used alone or in combination with THC. CBD actually improve the healing of the fractures, and it did so pretty fast as well.

This, according to the team, is useful for improved healing of fractures in humans, and confirmed earlier findings of other studies that our bones actually contain cannabinoid receptors in them. “We respond to cannabis because of the presence of tiny receptors and compounds within our bones that are activated by CBD,” Gabet says. The earlier studies concluded that our skeletal system contains certain cannabinoid receptors that trigger proper bone development and prevent bone loss.

The undeniable benefits of medicinal marijuana

This study was also one of the many examining CBD’s incredible healing potential. They can now be used as a base for further studies that can find a cure for osteoporosis and other bone diseases. Although there’s still much work to be done, the scientists are hopeful that CBD can be used as a healing therapy. Furthermore, CBD doesn’t have psychoactive properties – it has an anti-inflammatory effect on our body.

The list of health benefits of marijuana is endless. Medicinal marijuana has been allowed in many countries. It is now used against chronic pain, AIDS and to lessen the effect of chemotherapy. In some studies, the herb managed to stop the progression of the HIV virus and reduced high blood sugar levels as well. Other studies have found that it can defeat leukemia cells and prevent the development and spread of other types of cancer.

In 2013, a study showed that CBD is just as effective as conventional schizophrenia drugs, and works without adverse side-effects. Although it has psychoactive properties, the compound didn’t produce them during the trials – as a matter of fact, it was found to be a potent anti-psychotic.


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