If you See Number “8” on the Label of the Fruit, Do not Buy it! Here’s Why …

If you see number “8” on the label of the fruit, do not buy it! Here’s why …

You probably, when buying bananas, oranges, lemons pay attention to the label affixed to the fruit itself. But, have you ever thought about what they signify?

See, for example, a banana. In addition to the logo prominently displayed, you will notice on the label and the code consisting of numbers. It brings an important information for consumers.

Although GMO products are not labeled, there is a trick that can help to identify the GMO fruits and vegetables:

Look for the number on the product label, which is called PLU (Product Number Lookup)

If the four digit PLU number that begins with a 3 or 4, it means that a product is not GMO, but has grown on “intensive” principle, that originated on a farm that uses chemicals and pesticides.

Five digit number that starts with 9

If the number on the label has five digits beginning with a 9, it means that the product is organic, grown without chemicals, pesticides or genetic modification.

Five digit number that starts with 8

“Eight” – is a sign of genetically modified products, or unnaturally grown with the use of genetic modification.

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