This Seed That Has Vitamin B17 Destroys Up The Worst Disease Like Magic

Apple is one of the most beneficial fruits for our health. It has a variety of essential vitamins and minerals our body needs, and also has anticarcinogenic properties, as recent studies have shown. It’s not the fruit itself that can fight cancer, it’s the seeds which contain phytonutrients that can fight oxidative damage and cancer cells.

Apple seeds – a natural cure for cancer

According to experts, we can shield our body from cancer by consuming a healthy diet based in fruits and vegetables, and apples are certainly on the list. They are full of antioxidants and vitamins which can fight the growth of cancer cells and are a far better option than medications since they work with no side-effects. The phytochemicals help as well – they can reduce inflammation in the body and prevent the cancer cells from spreading.

As we already said, the seeds are the main source of the anti-cancer properties of apples, and according to some experts, they work better than chemotherapy.

Apple seeds – a rich source of vitamin B17

According to recent studies, apple seeds are 10 000 times better than most chemo drugs, but you won’t hear your doctor saying it. They contain a rare vitamin known as B17, which can fight cancer just as good as baking soda and other alternative treatments. Apple seeds are a cheap and easily accessible remedy against cancer, but the truth is hidden thanks to the efforts of Big Pharma, which wouldn’t be able to sell their horrible drugs if we know how powerful the seeds are.

Besides working great against cancer cells, the seeds have antimicrobial and antibacterial properties which makes them great against parasites. They can also fight depression and high blood pressure and improve the function of the central nervous system.

Since the 70s, there have been about 20 studies that showed how vitamin B17 fights cancer cells. The nutrient has been effective against 12 types of cancer, and also work directly on the cancer cells without affecting the healthy ones. The vitamin can also be found in apricot seeds, plums and tangerines, and is known as laetrile in the medical community. Vitamin B17 is made up of benzaldehyde and cyanide molecules, which are toxic on their own, but when combined, they have anticancer properties. Additionally, apple seeds have also been found to contain rhodane, an enzyme that can neutralize cyanide and allow it to destroy cancerous cells without harming the healthy cells in your body.

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