The Seeds Banned by The FDA. Truth From a 40-Year-Long Cover-Up Revealed!

While it may seem unlikely, one of the best alternative health options has, for the past 40 years, been banned by the FDA.

That so-called danger? Apricot seeds.

In particular, laetrile (sometimes referred to as vitamin B17) is found naturally in apricot seeds as amygdalin…which the FDA says poses a cyanide poisoning threat.

Now, anecdotal evidence says consuming up to 30 apricot kernels a day can fight cancer successfully. According to the FDA, that dosage would kill you…but chemotherapy is safe and healthy. Go figure.

The FDA has banned laetrile since the 1970s, in theory because the cyanide content supposedly made it toxic.

What if laetrile was banned because it could put a dent in Big Pharma’s profits, particularly in the cancer industry?

There’s a solid argument to be made, as you can see in the video below:


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