Stroke: Recognize the Danger Before it Happens and Save Someone’s Life!

Stroke: recognize the danger before it happens and save someone’s life!

A neurologist said that he could prevent stroke if he can get to the person within 3 hours.

On one daily party, a girl stumbled and fell. She was asked if emergency services should be called, but she convinced that is all good and that she tripped on a stone because of new her shoes. She was all pale and shaken, and her husband helped her to wash. The girl had a great time till the end of the party like everyone else. Her husband later called everyone, to say that she was taken to hospital … At 11 pm the same day, the girl died.

At the party she suffered first and later a second stroke. If her friends knew how to read the signs of stroke girl today might be alive

Some people do not die right away. Often they remain in a hopeless situation. You will needed only a minute to read the following …

A neurologist said that could prevent effects of stroke if within 3 hours if he can get to the person. He says the trick is to recognize stroke to diagnose and cure the patient within three hours, but it is not simple.

You need to recognize stroke. Here’s how:

1.Ask the person to smile – will not succeed!

2.Ask the person to speak a completely normal sentence, eg “Today is a beautiful day.” There will be a problem to pronounce it!

3.Ask the person to raise both arms. Will fail it!

4.Ask the person to stretch the tongue. If the tongue moves from side to side, it is also a sign of stroke.

If the person has trouble with one of the above steps, immediately call an emergency and describe the symptoms.While waiting for emergency help to arrive, disinfected with a sharp object, inject the injured at the top of the thumb to fall a few drops of blood.

This method in the east known as “Su yok” therapy, it is described as the first step in the treatment of stroke.

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