The Strongest Natural Painkiller That Grows Everywhere, Including Your Backyard

Lettuce is known for it’s soporific qualities, but it has another hidden quality.

Wild lettuce will grow almost everywhere, you might even have some growing in your garden right now.

But did you know that this plant has the ability to be a sedative, and to reduce pain?

Before modern painkillers existed, people munched on whatever herbs and plants they could find and they found an ally in wild lettuce.

Benefits of wild lettuce:

  • It reduces spasms and stress in the body
  • Helps fight insomnia
  • Aids stress and anxiety conditions
  • And, it has amazing painkilling qualities

Wild lettuce was tested on patients suffering from menstrual cramps and found that it greatly reduce the symptoms.

This is due to a combination of the strong sedative effective combined with the pain killing quality.

To get the benefits of wild lettuce into your diet, the plant should be dried first, then in can be boiled into a tea, using around 1-2 teaspoons of dried leaves steeped in hot water for around 10 minutes.


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