How To Tell If Your Eggs Came From A Sick, Or A Healthy Chicken (+ How To Find Healthy Eggs)

How to tell if your eggs came from a sick, or a healthy chicken (+ how to find healthy eggs).

Cooked eggs are a meal loved by many people. They are mostly consumed for breakfast. No matter how you like them scrambled, boiled or fried, they’re an enormous source of protein ad are extremely delicious. Eggs are very important for our health.

Unfortunately, not all eggs are equal and if you don’t know how to recognize them, you could you can end up with unhealthy or old eggs.

How to recognize healthy eggs

It’s important to know the difference between a healthy and unhealthy chicken? A healthy chicken eats various types of food every day. They even eat bugs and meat.

Every single one of the quality nutrients a chicken eats becomes transferred to the eggs. The chicken should move freely and also eat organic food so that it can provide the best eggs.

Chicken placed in small cages will never receive the space they need as well as the nutrients. Their eggs won’t be of the same quality as other chicken that live better. 

Here, we’re offering you several tips that will help you recognize a healthy egg:

Shell density and hardness

It is important that the egg shell is hard and dense. If it’s not and breaks easily, the egg isn’t good. Chicken that eat well have stronger shells and good eggs. 

Yolk color

The yolk is supposed to be deep orange in color. The yolks that are  bright or light-colored yolks should be avoided.

Yolk thickness

The egg yolks which are healthy are thicker and rounder. All the others aren’t of good quality.

A study published in the Oxford Journal proves that the amount of beta-carotene contained in eggs can be increased if the chicken is fed with foods that are especially rich in this compound.

According to another study, there is also a way to increase the amount of omega-3 fatty acids in eggs by boosting the level of DHA incorporated in the chicken’s diet.

Local farmers are the ones who sell the best quality eggs. If you have the time and space, you can also buy your own chicken and try to feed them with organic food. You’ll see how healthy your own eggs will be!

You can talk to a local farmer so that he/she could give you advice on raising chicken. You’ll have a limitless supply of high-quality eggs that you know will be healthier than the ones in the market and that will be much healthier!

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