Top 10 Foods that will Flush Nicotine out of your Lungs in Few Hours

According to medical studies, it has been proved that it takes up to 6-8 hours to flush nicotine out of your body after your last cigarette.

Sometimes, in most cases, all the nicotine cannot be removed from the body and traces of it can be left behind for up to 30 days. Therefore it is necessary for you to consume certain foods that will flush nicotine out of your system in a natural way.

Here are top 10 foods that will flush nicotine out of your lungs in just few hours after consuming.

Drink a lot of water right after smoking

Water will help you stay hydrated, thus making the body effectively filter all the nicotine out in shorter time. Drinking plenty of water right after smoking or any other kind of nicotine intake is very important, as it will help the body to flush out the toxins much easier.

Eat enough vegetables

Eating a larger amount of vegetables like cucumbers, celery, eggplants and beans can help you speed up the elimination of toxins out of your body, and remove all traces of nicotine faster than normal.

Add nettle to tour diet

If you want boost your immune system and make it more efficient in protecting your body, you should start consuming nettle, which is rich in iron. This will also speed up to process of removing nicotine from the lungs.

Eat kiwi

In order for you to restore the amounts of vitamin C, E and A which are reduced through smoking you should start consuming more kiwi, as it’s highly rich in these vitamins. In this way you will make the body flush nicotine much easier.

Eat broccoli

Broccoli is among vegetables with highest content of Vitamin C, B, B5 and other vitamins responsible for regulating many important body processes. One of them is eliminating toxins out of the body, such as nicotine.

Eat spinach

Beside the fact that it is excellent for flushing nicotine and other toxins out of the body, spinach is rich in folic acid, which makes the tobacco taste repulsive.

Other food that will help you flush nicotine are:

  • Carrots (best consumed as juice)
  • Oranges
  • Needle tea
  • Watermelon


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