Top 5 Foods That Can Control Cholesterol and Keep Gout Away

It’s very important for everyone to have controlled levels of blood sugar as well as weight. High levels of cholesterol are usually a great medical problem and if the same person also has gout, the whole condition will be complicated.

Foods which contain plenty of cholesterol have a great content of purine just like most of the meats we eat. Patients with gout should intake foods with low purine that can control their levels of cholesterol.

Here are some foods that can help you have balanced levels of cholesterol, but they’ll also prevent gout from appearing!


Oats are full of fiber. They don’t have fats and improve our metabolism. Still, people who have gout shouldn’t eat them as they’re full in purine and can cause gout to appear. The best type are whole-grain oats. They’re an amazing choice for breakfast. Combine them with milk, yogurt or fruits to make them even more nutritious!


Avocado contains plenty of good cholesterol as well as vitamins. You can eat it as a dessert or prepare a smoothie! It’s tasty, refreshing and very healthy! Combine it with other fruits like raspberries, apples or banana and get a richer dessert!


Coffee and tea are amazing for people who have gout. Still, you must make sure not to switch from coffee to tea. You need to drink one thing because combining them can cause a sudden flare-up. Tea can help you remove the excess of fat from your body. You’ll be more calm and relaxed. Still, it would be the best to drink black tea since it decreases the blood lipids in even 10% for only a period of 3 weeks!


We all adore chocolate, but you shouldn’t eat any type of chocolate. You should prefer dark chocolate. It’s tasty and it doesn’t contain fructose or sugar which are known to cause gout flare-ups. Your levels of cholesterol will be low with the help of natural antioxidants.

Olive Oil

You should use olive oil for anything, even for cooking. It doesn’t contain bad fats or cholesterol and it also makes any of your dishes better in taste. It’s amazing for your heart. Combine it with salads, meals or anything you like!

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