Toxic Chemicals Found In 30 Popular “Mac & Cheese” Products (even organic!)

Dangerous toxins have been found in mac & cheese meals targeted at children.

The chemicals, known as phthalates are known toxins, banned in children’s plastic teething toys and rubber ducks, yet they have found their way into children’s foodstuffs.

They have been banned in children’s toys for over a decade, and despite being known hormone distruptors that have links with behavioral and learning problems and birth defects, they have NEVER been banned from the FDA’s banned chemicals list.

30 products were tested and over 97% were found to contain phthalates, many of which were powdered mac & cheese products specifically aimed at children.

It is thought the chemicals made their way into the foods through the packaging process, and the products that had the most highly concentrated amount of phthalates were the ones who had the most processed packaging.

The FDA have been approached by eleven different independent food consumer groups to add phthalates to their banned list, however the group have been met with difficulties.

The latest news, from Tom Neltner, chemicals policy director for the Environmental Defense Fund, the company who put together the petition say that it has been stopped due to ‘technical’ issues.


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