Try This Unique Nondairy Fat-Free Yogurt Made Out Of Oats That Will Help To Alleviate Bloating!

If you happen to be a fan of a mouthwatering, rich and creamy taste that is associated with yogurt but you just can’t handle it, you need to know that there exists a simple and delicious solution to obtain the majority of the probiotics: Coconut yogurt! By just using 2 simple and readily available materials, coconut milk along with probiotic cultures you’ll be able to make your very own probiotic thick, creamy as well as delicious treat.

Read on if you want to understand how to make this delicious, nondairy desert. You’ll certainly really like its flavor, and its advantages even more!

The advantages of Probiotic, nondairy Yogurt

The Benefits associated with Probiotics

Fat-free yogurt, whether made out of nondairy or even dairy products, is a heavy, fermented, thick product loaded with large concentrations of the gut healthy bacteria, minerals such as calcium and magnesium, as well as vitamins such as vitamin B6 and B1. When mixed, these vitamins and minerals boost the defenses, help build more powerful bones, and maintain the intestinal health and wellness in check.

Lowers the high blood pressure: Many experts have clinically shown that a diet rich in probiotics assists in lowering the high blood pressure levels as well as the triglyceride amounts in the bloodstream.

Lowers the cholesterol along with fat concentrations: It has been discovered that ingesting probiotics helps in lowering the cholesterol and body fat levels for diabetics.

Effectively controlled glucose levels: Probiotics control the blood glucose levels.

Reduce your body weight and gain: People who have a diet regime that is high in probiotics have smaller BMI (body mass index), reduced body fat, smaller sized waist, and significantly less weight gain.

Advantages of using Coconut

Reduced probability of Alzheimer’s illness: The MCT found in the coconut milk encourages the development of ketones rather than glucose.

Better stomach health: The lauric acid within the coconut milk eliminates negative bacteria.

Quicker weight reduction: Diet plan high with the MCT fats has long been proven to promote weight loss.

Reduce cholesterol levels: Coconut milk increases the good type of cholesterol along with reducing the bad one.

Advantages of Oats

Lowered risk of heart disease: Oats reduce the possibility of heart diseases by decreasing the bad type of cholesterol and increasing the good one.

Decreased possibility of colorectal cancers: Having a diet plan that is high in dietary fibers has been proven to reduce the risks of intestines cancers.

Lowered risk for obesity and many chronic diseases: Oats minimize the gain of excess fat because they give us better nutritional intake.

The recipe: Creamy and Thick Yogurt Made From 2 Ingredients


Two probiotic capsules with top quality

One 414ml (14 ounces) can with full fat, creamy coconut milk (which contains some guar gum, if it is possible)


Give the can of coconut milk a little shake and after that pour it right into a glass jar or bowl

Put the high-quality probiotic capsules into the jar and blend it by using a wooden spoon

Cover the jar with some cheesecloth and make a good seal by using a rubber band

You need to keep this in a warm location for 24 to 48 hours. You should know that the longer you wait, the heavier and thicker your yogurt will become.

Put the yogurt in your refrigerator for about an hour

Take away the creamy layer, if there is any

Spread some oats on top!

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