Use Baking Soda While You Cook Eggs – SIMPLE GENIUS!

If you like eating boiled eggs, you probably know that sometimes the shells sticks so hard to the egg, so you peel the egg along with it and it’s a total mess. Fortunately for you, here, we’re going to present you an article with a trick that actually works very well!

Eggs are an important part for any diet of people who exercise or want to stay fit. They help you to build and repair your muscles. They are also abundant in numerous health benefits. Here are some fun facts about the nutritional benefits of eggs!

Both parts of the eff are filled with benefits: the yolk and the white. They are abundant in minerals, vitamins, proteins, essential fatty acids, vitamin B2, A, B6, B12, B5, E, D, K, zinc, selenium, calcium, phosphorus etc.

If you consume eggs regularly, they’ll increase the good cholesterol in your organism, so you’ll decrease the risk of heart problems or stroke. Eggs are also full of choline. It’s an important nutrient which builds cell membranes and produces signaling molecules in our brain. It can also help us have good eye health, decrease our levels of triglyceride levels, help us lose weight etc.

Our trick is very simple. Next time you want to boil an egg, ass a teaspoon of baking soda in the water!
Older eggs are easier to peel because they are more alkaline. Fresh eggs on the other hand are more acidic and it’s difficult to remove their shell. Baking soda is the one that increases the alkalinity so you can peel them in an instant!

These are several more tricks that can help you have the most perfectly boiled eggs:

  • If you aren’t sure whether your eggs are fresh, put them in some water and watch closely. If they stand vertically and sink, they’re the best ones to cook. If they stand horizontally and they sink, it means they are very fresh.
  • Heat your eggs before you put them in hot water. It will help you prevent the cracking.
  • If you want a soft yolk, put them in hot water using a tablespoon. Measure the time. You’ll need 3 minutes or a little bit more if the egg is bigger.
  • If you want your eggs to be hard boiled, put them in cold water and then leave them to boil.
  • The eggs should always be covered with water when you cook them. Only that will help you to cook them evenly.
  • If you boil them for too long, the egg white will be similar to gum and the yolk will obtain a green color.
  • After you’ve boiled the eggs, put them in cold water. That will also help you peel them easily.
  • If you want to obtain an omelet in a shell, shake the egg a bit before you cook it. It is called “golden egg” because the inside will be really yellow.
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