Use This Natural Lotion To Eliminate Acne, Dark Spots And Wrinkles!

The skin discoloration, dark spots and acne can all be eliminated with a very simple and natural homemade lotion that we’re going to present to you today! All of the ingredients are completely natural! Parsley leaves and lemon are the best! You can also use some apple cider vinegar. Your skin will be whitened, healthier and shiny!

This amazing natural lotion can be used every day because its full of healthy properties!

Parsley is abundant in minerals, vitamins, minerals as well as healthy nutrients. The juice it contains is full of potassium, manganese and plenty of essential oils.

You can also use this lotion to fight fever, urinary and renal tract illnesses, eye inflammation, diabetes and fatigue.

Parsley plays an amazing role in many products from the cosmetic industry because it’s full of whitening and regenerative qualities. It reduces redness, the distension and also strengthens, refreshes and whitens the skin.

It can also eliminate any dark spots or acne, but treats the area around your eyes very successfully, too.

These are the ingredients you need:

  • 1 cup water
  • 1 teaspoon of lemon juice (or ACV)
  • 2 tablespoons of parsley

Method of preparation:

First, you should boil the water. Then, chop the parsley and add it in the boiled water. Leave it to simmer. Then, remove it from the fire. It should cool down well. After it has become cold, add 1 teaspoon of ACV or lemon juice inside, whichever you prefer. The lotion should be kept in a glass bottle and stored in the fridge.


Use it every day, in the morning and again, in the evening.

Your pores will be closed and your skin will be cleansed and whitened. All of the dark spots and acne will be eliminated!

If you use it for 1 month every day, your complexion will improve and you’ll be amazed!

For the eyes:

If you want to remove dark circles around your eyes or any redness, don’t add the lemon juice!

Put some of the lotion on a cotton ball and apply it on your eyes. This treatment should be repeated 2 times a day and it should last about 5 minutes.

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