Vitamin B17 – The Biggest Cover-up in the History of Cancer + VIDEO

Doctors have always dictated the way we treat all diseases and conditions, including the latest cancer therapies. As laymen, we can’t help but accept their orders in order to keep our health in check. We show no resistance at all, but when it comes to cancer, maybe we shouldn’t listen to their advices.

There are certain types of cancer which can be treated naturally, and the same goes for numerous other diseases and conditions. Contrary to what doctors say, ailments, even the hardest ones like cancer can be treated naturally.  Even better, natural remedies work better than conventional cancer therapies. One of the best remedies against cancer is actually a vitamin – B17. Vitamin B17 is also known as amygdalin or laetrile and is one of the greatest cover ups in the history of cancer treatment.

Several studies have shown that vitamin B17 can indeed treat cancer with no side-effects, but Big Pharma is successfully covering these claims up as it could hurt their profits. Vitamin B17 is made of hydrogen cyanide and glucose, compounds which can destroy cancer cells instantly. Many doctors claim that vitamin B17 is toxic, and they’re right – it is toxic to cancer cells only.

Although the FDA hasn’t approved the treatment, doctors such as John A. Richardson have been using vitamin B17 to treat their cancer patients illegally. The results have been stunning – the vitamin has helped many people recover. However, you won’t hear about it in the corrupt media thanks to Big Pharma’s efforts. Laetrile is illegal in the USA in supplement form, but there is a way to obtain it naturally through apricot pits.

Since the 70s, there have been more than a few studies which showed that vitamin B17 can indeed kill cancer cells and prevent metastasis in animal models. It further neutralized the harmful effects of chemotherapy and improved the health of cancer patients significantly. Thanks to these studies, some doctors have decided to stand their ground and they’re using the treatment even with the risk of losing their license.

Besides vitamin B17, there are other natural remedies against cancer as well. Some of them include goji berries, Nigella Sativa, flaxseeds, raw fruit and vegetables, Swiss chard and even chili peppers. If you’ve been diagnosed with the terrible disease, don’t let your doctor decide what’s best for you – instead, do your own research and you’ll see that the disease can be defeated naturally.

Here’s how to get to the apricot kernels in the pits and extract the laetrile:


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