Vitamin D Is More Effective Than Flu Vaccine, Study Says

Vitamin D is more effective than flu vaccine, study says.

According to Dr Joseph Mercola and others, vitamin D deficiency may actually be behind your winter flu.

As a result, researchers have begun examining if increased vitamin D might make an effective flu vaccine, and, as it turns out, it does!

In fact, the research found several notable returns:
  • People with the lowest vitamin D levels show significantly more colds and/or cases of the flu.
  • For people with the lowest vitamin D levels, taking a vitamin D supplement cut the risk of respiratory infection by 50% – though researchers also noted that vitamin D was better absorbed through sunlight.
  • Vitamin D proved slightly more effective than the traditional flu vaccine (1 case prevented per 33 people vs 1 case prevented per 40 people), though this was more pronounced in trial participants with severe vitamin D deficiency.
  • Vitamin D is significantly better absorbed from sun exposure than from supplements.
You can read the whole story here, or hear more in the following NPR story:


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