What Causes Water Retention and How to Avoid It

Water retention is recognized as swellings in the feet, legs and hands. It’s medically known as edema. Edema actually means that fluids just build up in the circulatory system, cavities and tissues.

Water retention is mostly caused by: sedentary lifestyle, use of certain medications, pregnancy, premenstrual syndrome and physical inactivity.

Long flights can also cause swellings. This condition isn’t very serious, but in some difficult cases it can signify that the person has heart failure or a kidney disease. Make sure you treat the edema in case you have it.

Here are some of the main reasons for edema and how to treat it:

1. Excessive Consumption of Processed Foods

Processed foods that most people adore contain lots of sodium, but also sugar. Their nature is especially toxic to our liver and kidneys. If you intake foods rich in sugar, you’ll cause high blood sugar with the frequently caused insulin spikes.

2. Excessive Sodium Intake

If you like eating foods that are rich in sodium contents, but you don’t drink sufficient amounts of water, you’ll then start to use the reserves of water which will lead to water retention in certain areas of your body. Water can cause the human cells to expand up to 20 times.

Sodium is also a great part of canned vegetables, processed meat, condiments, etc. Make sure you opt for healthier alternatives of salt like for example, Celtic and Himalayan sea salt instead of table salt.

3. Dehydration

If you don’t drink enough water, you’ll become dehydrated, because your body will retain water in order to survive. Make sure you only drink more water and avoid soda drinks and coffee.

4. Vitamin B6 deficiency

Edema can also be caused by the lack of vitamin B6.

A particular study which included women who experienced water retention because of their premenstrual syndrome proved that the intake of vitamin B6 every day managed to improve their condition.

This vitamin is soluble in water, but it would be the best for you if you consume it through whole foods and sunflower seeds, potatoes with skin, tuna, lean beef, pistachio nuts, turkey, dried fruits, bananas and chicken.

5. Magnesium Deficiency

Another thing that can cause water retention is also the lack of magnesium. It’s essential for various body functions. Only 200 milligrams of it every day will help you in case of frequent premenstrual symptoms.

Foods rich in magnesium are: dark green veggies, avocados, peas, dried fruits, nuts, whole grains, dark chocolate and spinach.

6. Potassium deficiency

We need potassium to have a proper function of our tissues, organs and cells. This mineral also regulates our water balance.

Foods rich in potassium are watermelons, honey melons and rockmelons.

Here are also some plants that can help you against edema as they are abundant in some powerful diuretic properties:

  • Corn silk
  • Parsley
  • Nettle
  • Garlic
  • Dandelion
  • Horsetail
  • Fennel
  • Hibiscus

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