This Will Make Your Clothes Bright White And Fresh Like Spring! No Toxins, Cheap And Easy!

Laundry products sold today are often filled with toxins that are harmful to the environment and your health.

Many detergents are synthetic and made with phenols, petrochemicals, and toxic fragrances. Mostly, many laundry detergents are filled with carcinogens and allergens that can compromise your health.

The chemicals used in todays laundry solutions are contributing to environmental destruction, especially in rivers and streams. A lot of people can say they can’t stand doing laundry as it is exhausting and leads to boredom. It’s very complicating to search for a decently priced laundry detergent.

However, there are ways to calm your nerves, and all you need is one specific ingredient. White vinegar.

Here’s 10 Great Reasons to Use White Vinegar for Laundry

Pour 1/2 cup of white vinegar onto clothes before adding them into the washer machine…

1. White vinegar works to enhance the cleansing power of the laundry detergent, while protecting the color of clothes, and lessening the amount of soap residue after a wash.

2. Instead of using fabric softener, vinegar can be used. Just pour some in the fabric softener compartment in the washer. White vinegar has the same effect as well. The difference between the both is that white vinegar is much softer and is Eco-friendly.

3. The acids in white vinegar are a powerful stain remover and works great on sweat stains in white clothing.

4. Residues are always left on clothes when utilizing a powder detergent, and it can irritate sensitive skin. Add in 1/2 a cup of white vinegar to prevent soap residues.

5. In fact, white vinegar works effectively to neutralize smells like smoke.

6. White vinegar can be poured onto dirty clothes. Mix hot water and 1/2 a cup of vinegar. It’s suggested you leave your clothes soaking overnight, and wash them like you would usually do so. An extra tip for you, you can spray undiluted vinegar essence on tough stains, and rub with care.

7. Fabrics attract animal hairs and fuzz. So, vinegar can help you with this problem. You will see that your dry clothes have no fuzzies or hairs stuck to the fabric.

8. White vinegar has acids that will help to reduce static charge.

9. When hand washing, add in 6 tablespoons of white vinegar, and allow soaking for a half-hour. This can be done with swimwear and underwear as well.

10. The washing machine you use, can be doused with vinegar to freshen and descale it. This is a great solution as it contains no harsh chemicals that can harm your health.


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