Wipe Away Dark Spots From Your Skin in Just 14 Days

Dark spots are a common problem for millions of people around the world. They are common in the elderly, but recently, they have begun affecting younger people as well.

The main causes of dark (age) spots

In general, age spots on the skin appear due to excessive UV-ray exposure. It can either be from spending too much time under the sun or spending too much time in tanning beds (which are absolutely the worst thing you can do to your skin). The more sunlight we expose ourselves to, the more melanin the body produces. Melanin is a pigment which reacts to sunlight and gives our skin its color. As time passes, the beach tan may fade, but the body parts exposed to a lot of UV rays over the years may retain a few dark spots. This indicates that the melanin production in those areas remained high for a long time, resulting in the unsightly age spots.

The type of our skin also plays a part in the appearance of age spots. This is also one of the factors for getting dark spots on your skin in your twenties or thirties. And, although there’s no effective commercial treatment against dark spots on the skin, there are safe natural methods which can eliminate them.

Excessive sun exposure affects the skin’s ability to repair itself. Melanin (the skin’s pigment) acts as a natural sunscreen and is secreted in order to keep the skin protected. If you’re looking for a way to get rid of the dark spots on your skin, we have great news. There is a simple and safe method to remove your dark spots. It’s actually a remedy made of only 2 ingredients which you probably already have in your kitchen. Experts say that the remedy is effective against a variety of skin condition including dark spots on the skin, swelling, redness and irritation. The remedy is also effective against acne and blackheads and is pretty easy to prepare. Here’s how:


  • A teaspoon of fresh lemon juice
  • 2 tablespoons parsley leaves
  • 200 ml. of boiling water


Boil 200 ml. of water and pour it over the parsley, then reduce the heat to low and simmer the mixture for 15 minutes. Leave it to cool down and strain the mixture afterwards, then add the lemon juice and keep the beverage in a glass jar in the fridge.

The lotion should be used twice a day – in the morning and evening. Rub it on your skin gently with small circular motions in order to clean your skin and resolve numerous skin problems including dark spots. By using the lotion regularly, the results should come in about 2 weeks. Try the remedy yourself and we’re sure you’ll be amazed by the results!

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