The Worst White Poison We Have Every Day Is Not Sugar or Salt!

We’re getting better about knowing what chemicals are in our foods, but what if the worst white poison in our foods isn’t sugar or salt? Instead, take a look at sodium glutamate E621.

Almost every restaurant or food place uses sodium glutamate.

Sodium glutamate is like white crystal powder and looks like sugar and salt too, but can be liquid, too. It adds meat flavor, and contributes to obesity.

It’s addictive, a drug that we can’t get away from.

This additive is used in foods like chips, hot dogs, soups, canned food, beer and more. The daily safe dose for adults is 1.5 g and for kids less than 1 g.

More than 200.000 tons of this is used in the world every year.

Signs of overdose are dizziness, visual impairment, migraine, nausea, weakness, chest pain, hormone imbalance, and more. Overdoses are also know as Chinese Restaurant Syndrome.

So be careful!


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