A Simple Guide to Buying Cannabis Vaporizer

Vaping is one of the most popular ways to take weed for medical purposes. Most people who use medical weed suffer from various conditions that would not cope with smoke. With the vaporizer, you can get the CBD effects without having to brave the smoke. Still, you can also use it for recreational purposes.

With several vaporizers in the market, it can be time-consuming to settle on the best one. Getting the vaporizer is not an issue, several recreational dispensaries stock it in their stores. It then becomes an issue to choose one if you don’t know what works best for you.

Here is how to go about buying the cannabis vaporizer.

Why vape cannabis? 

Before you buy the vaporizer, you need to understand if you need it in the first place. Given there are other ways to take weed, vaping comes with various benefits.

Using the vaporizer allows you control. You can take a few puffs then leave the rest for some other time. You also control the temperature to determine the impact you get from the weed. The dispensary near Thornton Co recommends it over other weed-taking options.

The other importance is comfort due to the smooth taste and convenience when using a vaporizer.

How to choose the perfect vaporizer 

Now that you understand how beneficial vaporizer is for you, the next step is to find the ideal item. Some of the factors to look into when choosing a vaporizer include;

  • What you want to vape

The main materials that you vape come in three options; waxes, dry herbs, and oils and liquids.

For a dry herb, the vaporizer works by heating the cannabis in a chamber to activate its compounds. Some of the best vaporizers for this include Pulsar Apx v2 and the G pen elite vape.

For wax and other extracts, the vape uses an exposed atomizer to flash the concentrate and create pure valor. Some of the options to use include the kandypens. There are also kandypens for the thinner oils and liquids.

Heating method 

The vaporizers can either have conduction or convection heating methods, or a hybrid of both.

The conduction vaporizers are some of the common. It works by heating the weed directly through contact with a heating element. It heats the weed quickly hence is easy to use. However, there are issues of uneven heating. Flowermate Aura and Davinci IQ2 are some of the best conductors vaporizers. Flyfly2 + Hands on has also proven to be ideal.

Convection vaporizers are a little more expensive yet quite useful. They heat cannabis through hot air passing over and through it. The lack of direct heat allows for even heating. Volcano hybrid is the best vaporizer for convection.

The hybrid vaporizer combines both convection and conduction. It uses conduction for the easy start and convection for even heating.


Where you plan to use the vaporizer matters. If you plan to use it at home then you can opt for the larger desktop vaporizers that come with electric plugs. However, if you intend to use the vaporizer on the go then look for the smaller handheld ones.

Which vape is ideal for you? 

Once you have all the above factors, choosing a vaporizer should be easier. If you find it hard, speak to Starbuds in Denver CO for the ideal equipment to match your needs.

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